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The Top 5 Legal Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

From Lawfare to Law Firm Podcasts, there are a number of legal podcasts that you can explore. Here are the top 5 legal podcasts to listen to right now.

1. Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast presents discussions, debates and interviews on national security law topics. It is hosted by Lawfare editor, Benjamin Wittes and the podcast covers topics such as cyberwarfare and intelligence policy. Guests on the show have included former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper and former FBI director, James Comey.

2. Law Firm Podcast

Hosted by attorney, Bill Glazer, The Law Firm Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on topics in the legal field. In addition to interviews with legal professionals, the show also covers legal technology, ethical considerations and legal strategies.

3. Legal Marketing Podcast

The Legal Marketing Podcast is a weekly show focused on the marketing challenges for lawyers, lawyers and legal professionals. Host, Danika Bourgeois covers topics such as search engine optimization, content marketing and lead generation.

4. Podcast Legal Guide

The Podcast Legal Guide is a weekly podcast which covers legal topics related to podcasts. Host, Lisa Smith-Putnam offers legal advice related to starting and running a podcast.

5. Small Business Lawyer Podcast

The Small Business Lawyer Podcast is focused on legal topics related to small business law. Host, Chris Anderson covers a range of topics such as contract drafting, intellectual property and business formation.

What are the best free legal podcasts?


1. The Law Entrepreneur

2. Exponent

3. Supreme Court Briefs

4. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

5. The E-Myth Lawyer

6. The Lawsec Guru

7. Legal Talk Network

8. Law School Podcast

9. Thinking with Law

10. The iLaw Podcast

What are the top-rated legal podcasts?

1. The Lawfare Podcast

2. Business Law Podcast

3. Legal Talk Network

4. The Law Simplified Podcast

5. Legal Toolkit

6. Above the Law

7. The Paralegal Voice

8. The Lawyers & Liquor Podcast

9. The Lawyerist Podcast

10. Criminal Law and Justice Podcast

What are the most popular legal podcasts?

1. Avvo: Legal Anything Goes

2. The Law Entrepreneur

3. Lawyerist Podcast

4. The Digital Edge

5. Lawpreneur Radio

6. The Law School Business Law Podcast

7. The Modern Lawyer Podcast

8. Lawyerist Lab

9. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

10. Above the Law: Thinking Like a Lawyer

Which legal podcasts are free?

1. The Lawfare Podcast

2. Legally Sound Smart Business

3. The Legal-Ease

4. Above the Law

5. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

6. Lawyers, Geeks and Beer

7. Legal Talk Network

8. Lawyerist Podcast

9. Lawyerist Small Business

10. The Un-Billable Hour

What are some popular free legal podcasts?

1. Free Legal Answers

2. Law School Podcasts

3. Legal Talk Network

4. Harvard Law School Series

5. The Law School Toolbox

6. Word on the Street

7. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

8. The Legal Toolbox

9. VoicEd Legal

10. Behind Bars Law Podcast


These are just a few of the many legal podcasts available. Whether you’re looking for lawfare, legal marketing or business law topics, there are a number of different legal podcasts to explore.

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